Faster Meal Prep

Save Time with ready to cook meals. Enjoy unique flavours and quality ingredients with minimal kitchen prep.

Quality + Local

We use fresh local ingredients where possible, which allows us to support local while minimizing the use of preservatives.

What We're About

At Essential Gourmet, one of our fundamental beliefs is that act of preparing, sharing and enjoying food is meant to be a combined experience. Participating in the elevation of simple meals to home-cooked culinary experiences is something we’re passionate about.

Make Meals an Experience

There’s nothing quite like preparing a meal for those who matter most to you, coming together and creating something so fundamental to daily living yet so unique and enjoyable. Let us be a part of your next home-cooked meal.

Cooking Help & Tips

Looking for help in making the most of our products? Check out our step by step instructions to make it just right.

Suggested Recipes

From potstickers to asian wonton soup, to savory and sweet diping sauces, we can help you add a little extra fancy 🙂