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Steam Without a Steamer

This is a little trick i’ve learned and use occasionally when i don’t want to take out my steamer to do small batches, it works VERY well.


  • You can reuse the foil balls
  • Be careful when taking out the saucer as it will be hot from the steam

You will need:

  • a wide pot with a cover
  • foil
  • lettuce of cabbage leaves
  • a flat saucer
  • some water

1) Make three 1-inch foil balls

Doesn’t take a lot of foil, maybe 4-6 inches of the roll for each piece. crumple into balls of equal size. You can also save these to reuse as the process doesn’t damage them at all

2) Add Water

Add enough water to cover at least halfway up the foil ball. There need to be enough water to create the steam for 10 minutes without touching the sauce we add in the next step.

3) Place Saucer on Foil supports

Place a flat saucer on the foil balls, This is a good time to start the burner on high heat.

4) Line Saucer

To prevent sticking, line the surface of the sauce with cabbage or lettuce leaves. These are the BEST when trying to avoid your dumplings sticking.

5) Add Dumplings

Add your dumplings, making sure to give them space from each other to avoid sticking together while steaming

6) Steam for 10 minutes

When the water starts boiling and creating steam, cover pot and reduce heat to medium. Let it steam for 10 minutes.